Little Stars Academy Lights Up!

Thanks to the generous support of Rowan Nielsen and her crew from plus8pictures in Canada, KLS was able to get electricity to the school! They are excited to have electricity to assist with the administration of the school, and to enable the students studying for the National Exams (KCPE) in December to be able to study in the evenings after dark. The students can now go home after school to help with household chores and caring for the younger ones, and return later in the evening to study and complete their homework under bright lights instead of by dim candlelight at home.
When I (Allyson) was visiting in September, there were engineers and electricians putting in the piping and wires to set the school up to receive electricity. The application to receive electricity from Kenya Power Company was submitted while I was there as well – it was  a big day! No one knew how many weeks or months it would take, however, for the application to be approved, and for the power to be connected to the school.
Rowan posted the video, above, on YouTube within a month, showing the electricity had been connected! What a blessing and inspiration for the future for all those at Little Stars Academy.

Click on the image below: