Our First video-crowdfunding-campaign has started – Please support us!


The old and inadequate kitchen of Little Stars Academy should be renewed. Fireplace smoke is interfering lessons and the hygiene is not suitable for preparing food for our pupils.

About half of the pupils do not go home during lunch break. They have a meal at school. It is a daily challenge to prepare 160 meals. The kitchen is still a part of the first build houses. It’s not bricked; it’s made out of iron sheets which can be seen so often in Kenya. We are using Africans most common cooking method – which is cooking on fire with collected firewood. The main problem with this is the smoke. The work for the kitchen staff is not easy because of irritated eyes and difficulty breathing. Often smoke is going into to abutting classrooms and is disturbing the lessons.

The kitchen is still a part of the first build houses. Due to the simple construction of the building it is not possible to guarantee a hygienic environment which should be sure for preparing meals for our pupils. Proper cleaning of the sooty walls and the uneven floor is almost impossible. We want to change the bad conditions.

Our Idea:

For now it is our most important task to renew the room and create a kitchen which deserves the name kitchen. What we want to do:

  • Renew the kitchen by local contractors
  • Bricked building with lockable door and two windows
  • Metal sheet roof
  • Solid and adequate two burner stove for large pots (each 100 litres)
  • Chimney to bring the smoke outwards
  • Easy to clean and stable work surface / floor
  • Basin for washing the dishes

We need you

We at Little Stars Academy try to help as many families as possible, giving their children education. But now we need help – the help of people around the world who appreciates our work. With this crowdfunding campaign it’s easy for you to port us. We hope to realize the essential renovation which costs $ 4.000 all in price during the next three month. We will inform you about the progress. All donators are welcome to visit beautiful Rusinga Island and see the work of Little Stars Academy at the face!

You can’t help us with a donation?

No problem, but you can support us anyway! Please help us to spread this campaign with talking about it with your friends! It would be great to share it in social media.

See all details and the whole story of the campaign at indiegogog.com.

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