We very much welcome and appreciate any gift, large or small.

There are two ways you can donate, either through Paypal (see PayPal button below), or directly to the Kanyala Little Stars bank account via wire or Western Union transfer (please e-mail for the bank account details).

When you donate to the organization’s general fund, 100% your gift will go toward enriching the lives of the Kanyala Little Stars Academy students. General donation funds will be used to: pay teacher’s salaries, purchase teaching materials and library books, and assist with primary school scholarships.

Teacher’s Salaries: The teachers at Kanyala Little Stars Academy are paid by the tuition fees the able students’ families pay to the school. Since the school supports many orphans which are not able to pay their school fees, funding is often short. Consequently, the teachers at Kanyala receive about half the salary of the government-paid teachers, which amounts to around USD$70/month.

Teaching materials and library books: Each classroom has one blackboard, desks for the students, and little else. The school can always benefit from additional textbooks, reading material, and supplies such as paper and pencils.

Scholarships: Tuition fees are USD$20 per term, or USD$80 per school year. Even this amount is very challenging for many families to pay, especially for families and/or grandparents who are supporting numerous orphans as well. Kanyala Little Stars Academy believes every girl and boy has the potential to learn and do great things, if given the opportunity. The school was founded so that those who were less fortunate could still gain an education. The school, therefore, does not turn away students based on their ability to pay, and subsidizes the school fees for those who are unable to pay.

To give you a sense of how far your funds will go, consider the following costs:

$0.30 – Workbooks for one child, one term

$1 – Math Set (protractor, ruler, etc.)

$1.50 – Feed one child for one month

$10 – School uniform

$35 – Feed the entire school for one day

$700 – Feed the entire school for one month

Alternatively, if you prefer to donate directly to a specific project, here are a few projects which our organization hopes to begin soon:

1. Drip Irrigation for Farm

The Kanyala Farm continues to thrive only because it is watered by hand every day. A generator pumps water from Lake Victoria to a tank at one end of the farm. A hose is attached to a central pipe and the plants are watered daily. This is not only time consuming, but the technique wastes a lot of water, which consequently wastes a lot of expensive generator fuel. We are hoping to build a drip irrigation system to more efficiently water the farm. This will require two raised tanks, pipes, valves, and fittings.

$10,000 – Cost of entire system

2. New Classrooms

The school is at capacity, and there are many students who wish to attend, but must be turned away due to space constraints. Our goal is to have a new building built in 2013. A new building will house 8 additional rooms for Nursery Class, Pre-Unit Class, and Grades 1-5, and a library. In 2013, we also hope to upgrade the temporary shelter which houses the dining room and kitchen, and to upgrade from pit latrines to modern latrines.

The total cost for a new building, including paint, electricity, and labor, will cost around $5,800. If you would like to contribute, here is how far your gift will go:

$1 – 8 bricks

$5 – labor for one day

$12 – 1 iron sheet (for roof)

$50 – 1 dumptruck of sand (for making cement)

$100 – plaster for one room (10 bags of cement)

3. Bakery

In 2013, we hope to have funding to send a few of our bakers to Kisumu (1-hr ferry ride away) for training. By building the capacity of a few, these few can continue to train others, and the success of the endeavor will improve.

$230 – Training fee for one bakery student

4. Rainwater Catchment at school

In 2013, we hope to set up a rainwater catchment system at the school. We already have the tanks, but a rainwater catchment system will ensure a more sustainable supply of water. It will also ensure there is enough clean water for the students to carry home with them. If there is extra water, we plan to sell it to the community at a fair price.

Finally, we are also raising funds for secondary school scholarships for our graduating students. For further information on sponsoring a secondary school student, please visit our partner organizations: