What We Do

The communities of Rusinga Island are faced with many challenges, which include a high HIV/AIDS prevalence, lack of education and illiteracy, poverty and unemployment, drought, infectious diseases (including endemic malaria), and water-borne diseases (including typhoid, cholera, amoeb,a and dysentery), under-nutrition and malnutrition, deforestation and soil degradation, collapsing fisheries and domestic violence.

Kanyala Little Stars came forth as a rapid response to these challenges. Kanyala Little Stars is a locally driven initiative which engages, inspires, teaches, and benefits the Rusinga community. Our organization is comprised of youths, women, widows, orphans, and vulnerable children. Our organization has developed various techniques to tackle the widespread issues faced by the community. Such programs include establishing a nursery and primary school (through Grade 8), starting a sustainable horticulture program and a bread bakery, greening Rusinga Island, and organizing various workshops to empower children, youths, and women to promote their own health and economic livelihoods. Our organization also supports HIV/AIDS   management, supports orphans and vulnerable children, advocates for human rights, assists with school scholarships.

Over the years, our organization has established international partnerships and collaborators, and continues to welcome visitors, students and volunteers from abroad to learn from and contribute to the school, farm, and community. We therefore look forward to friends, individuals, groups, or organizations, both locally and internationally, which may have a common goal with u,s to come and help us share the development agenda through skill building, community mobilization, economic support, and social and spiritual support.

For further information on the following programs, please click on indicated pages:

1) Livelihood Support Program

2) Kanyala Little Stars Academy

3) HIV/AIDS Mitigation Program