History and Vision

Kanyala Little Stars Organization promotes and provides humanitarian support, technical assistance and emergency relief to disadvantaged people (orphans, widows and those living with HIV/AIDS) through its pre-primary and primary school and horticulture model farm. The goal of Kanyala Little Stars school and farm is to promote holistic community development through education and sustainable agriculture.

KANYALA: Kanyala translates to ‘WE CAN’ in Dholou, the native language of the people of Rusinga Island.

The founders of Kanyala Little Stars seek to bring change to lives of their community members on Rusinga Island and its environs that face challenges such as food insecurity, lack of safe drinking water, a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and lack of proper education. They also seek to inspire change in the general paradigms of locals and international individuals toward a more holistic, responsible and sustainable worldview for progress and development.


Our vision is to:

1. Improve the livelihood of the community and inspire hope in what tomorrow holds;

2. Support widows, orphans, children with special needs and people living with HIV/AIDS;

3. Utilize a participatory approach to development with the vision of creating hope and happiness in individuals and families.

Kanyala Little Stars Organization embodies the verse of Jeremiah 31:13 which says “I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them and give them gladness for their sorrow.” It seeks to adapt to and mitigate the challenges facing Rusinga Island and its environs and promote the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. The island bears many burdens, which are driven or exacerbated by distal issues such as climate change and global inequalities.


Kanyala Little Stars Organization was founded in the year 2000 and was registered in 2001 with the Ministry of Gender and Culture. The organization operates various projects, one of which is a pre-primary and primary school known as Kanyala Little Stars Academy. The Academy was registered in the year 2010 with the Ministry of Education. The Organization also operates a model horticulture farm, a small bread bakery, a fish pond and a seedling nursery, all of which contribute to the income-generation needed to sustain the group and its beneficiaries. Our organization is comprised of youth, women, widows, orphans and vulnerable children. In 2004, the organization initiated an environmental conservation project where they established a tree/fruit seedlings nursery. The sales from the seedling nursery assisted with the expenses of the project such as site maintenance, salaries and advocacy.